Andrew and Anton here, the two guys who started Dungeonhaven back in 2017. 


You’ve probably been wondering what’s been going on with the project. Over the last couple of years our team grew from 2 to 4 core team members, we’ve signed with a publisher, and we've been able to hire a small team of freelancers to help bring our vision to life. The project grew correspondingly and evolved into a bigger game that we are incredibly proud of - and if you liked what we were doing with Dungeonhaven you’ll be sure to like what we’ve been up to:


Our project has changed its name - check out the announcement trailer for Mortal Shell! 



We’ll be redirecting the Dungeonhaven website to mortalshell.com, and you can also find lots more content on our new social pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MortalShellGame/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mortalshellgame


Or better yet JOIN US on the game’s Discord server as we’re about to start having a pre-party there :D




Thank you very much for all the support during these years and talk to you soon!


Mortal Shell Team

Anton, Andrew, Vitaly, and Dmitry

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